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Account Executives- ALL States
Work from your home office OR we will help you open a CuriousDawg agency in your city. Build for your future, today. Let's have that curious conversation, NOW. Email:

Content Creators - Knoxville, TENNESSEE

Designers - Knoxville, TENNESSEE

Entrepreneurs - All States

Only Curious People Need Apply

Become A CuriousDawg
Now is your chance to partner with an established Southeast based marketing firm in our Independent Agent Program. We provide you all the resources you need to get your own marketing business off the ground, and the money coming in much faster than any traditional start-up. Curious?

Independent Agent Opportunity

If you’re a senior-level marketing executive who is tired of working for big corporations and not in control of your own destiny, we want to talk with you.

Independent Agent -CuriousDawg opportunities for senior-level marketing executives looking to start their own business without taking on the large financial burden of a start-up, and without the risk of hiring employees and building infrastructure. CuriousDawg provides:


Proposal Templates
Services Pricing
Tax Support
Time Tracking
Strategic Planning
Ad Campaigns
Media Planning
Digital Marketing
Social Media Management
Content Marketing
Graphic Design
Web Development
Press & Publicity
Trade Show Support


Selling Techniques
Client Proposal Templates
Strategic Plan Templates
Project Management
Administrative Support
Weekly Training
MARKETING SUPPORT  - Website, Email, Business Cards, Marketing Materials, Case Studies, Paid Advertising,

 Social Media Marketing, Networking Supportand much more.

How much can you expect to pay to open your own CuriousDawg? Our Item 7 lays it all out for you.

One of the biggest advantages of joining a franchise system like CuriousDawg is that we’ve already worked out so many of the details that can overwhelm new business owners. We have preferred vendors for supplies, and we already know the best square footage and ideal locations that have proven successful in the past, so we help guide you through the site selection process.

The typical initial investment to start a CuriousDawg ranges from $120,500 to $260,000, as provided in Item 7 of our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which details startup costs. The startup costs range is broad because expenses can vary greatly depending on where your market is, what local real estate costs are and the permitting and licensing regulations in your town.

In order to qualify as a CuriousDawg candidate, you must have liquid assets of $80,000 and a net worth of at least $200,000. For Details of your CuriousDawg  startup opportunity simply contact:

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CuriousDawg is committed to providing equal opportunity in employment to all applicants, and employees. CuriousDawg does not discriminate in access to its employment and activities, or with respect to hiring conditions of employment, on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, creed, sex, gender identity and expression, political affiliation, age, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation. CuriousDawg actively promotes diversity among employees.