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knoxville marketing-Curious Dawg

Curious Dawg

More Bark, Less Bite

Corporate Communications, PR, Press Releases, SEO,
Display AD placement, APP Creation, Direct Mail and much more.

"Stay Curious, my friend."  
Rocky Stephens, CEO

One of the key roles of a successful marketer is to help customers understand what sets a business apart. Consumers have endless product and service offerings, establishing customer loyalty programs allows us to recommend creative ideas to differentiate and improve your customer engagement.
Years of experience have allowed us to enhance customer lifetime by establishing approaches that identify customer needs and wants. As  professional, we have leveraged customer insights and feedback to identify and understand customer priorities.
Our mission is to work towards higher goals of building long-lasting client/customer relationships. By appreciating change, innovation, and creativity, I can enable businesses to improve customer satisfaction, promote positive feedback and meaningful customer experiences to increase new clients, and drive repeat business.
If you share our passion, letís connect and start a discussion. Email:

Grow your business with real leads, and have your phone and email inbox inally busy with the right people. Don't worry about tracking arbitrary metrics to know if your marketing is working or not. We have trackable systems that ensure CuriousDawg sourced opportunities.
website_buildLet Curious Dawg design your website

A logo, brand colors, font, business cards, marketing materials, company slogan, mission statement, etc. are sometimes overlooked by businesses. However, we all know these items represent your firm in the eyes of the marketplace. We can assist to make sure your firm is memorable for the right reasons and sticks out in the crowd.

You have a big meeting with a prospective client and know they will ask for your business card, but you don't feel yours shows your true value and professionalism. We can give you a sleek design that will reflect your business's true potential.

You have a great idea for a business but want help with the product launch. Curious Dawg has successfully partnered to launch many companies from various industries.
If you're curious about the app creation process but not sure where to start, we can help you.
Are you courious about how we can grow your business?

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Let Curious Dawg BARK out your message and take less BITE out of your budget.
Contact: Tonya Reid~O'Harra at our Columbus, Ohio Curious Dawg - 740-277-8574 or Email:


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